PostHeaderIcon 2011 Dancing With the Tri-State Stars

Mark Littlejohn and Nicole Riedel
Mark Littlejohn and Nicole Riedel 
Ashley Thompson
Clint McElroy and Katrina Malilloux
Darrah Wilcox and Alex Smith
Dave Roberts and Tia Fletcher
David Michael and Bridget Rowsey
Don Capper and Sharah Brown
George Katalic and Gayle Riggs
Group shot of Dancers
Jim Davis and Ashley Thompson
John Collins and partner
Judges Chris Miller, Marlo Shaver Wentz and Ostie Mathisen
Linda Holmes and Jack Austin
Mark Littlejohn and Nicole Riedel
Marty Edelen, Yvonne Jones and Jane Edelen
Michael Owens and Christy Hughes
Sarah Sager and Nathan Hall
Winners Mark Littlejohn and Nicole Riedel
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